Aum Brand Camphor (320g)
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Aum Brand Camphor (320g)

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320g Box - 80 pieces. Camphor is lit and used in hawan ceremonies, aarthi and other forms of worship and healing. Camphor symbolizes a strong connection with the sacred and divine. The fumes and fragrances of camphor possess the power to redefine your surroundings by releasing healing energies that uproot any negative energies present and magnify positive energies.
Some of the benefits of burning camphor are: Drives Away all the Negative Vibes. Gods and Goddesses are Pleased by Burning Camphor. Hindus strongly believe that if you burn camphor at the sunset time can please the Almighty. The worshippers are blessed with good fortunes, peace, and prosperity. Burning camphor regularly lowers the chances of every unexpected accidents. Reciting the lines of the Hanuman Chalisa and then burning few cubes of camphor every day can help your to stay miles away from such unnatural accidents. Camphor can help You to Get Rid of Daily Nightmares. If you see nightmares regularly, then burning camphor can prove to be helpful. Vastu Dosha Gets Removed by Burning Camphor. When your house is not planned according to the vastu rules, you and your family memebrs may go through several problems. This is termed as the ‘vastu dosha’. In such case, you can burn a few cubes of camphor to remove the vastu dosha to a great extent.

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