Gold Feng Shui Money Tree
Gold Feng Shui Money Tree
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Gold Feng Shui Money Tree

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Bring abundance into your home with this lucky money tree
Height: 8cm, Length: 9.5cm
According to Feng Shui, A money tree (Also known as a fortune tree or lucky tree) is believed to have the exceptional powers to ward off evil spirits and attract wealth and abundance. 
The tree should be kept in the middle of a room, in a hallway, under a window or a area with a lot of traffic in the house. Don’t put your money tree in your bedroom, bathroom or kitchen as it can bring bad luck to these parts of the house. You should also keep your tree indoors only. (Do not keep them in the garden) Make sure your money tree is always placed facing inside rather than outside if placed by a window to bring money from the outside world.

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