Lavender Backflow Burner Cones
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Lavender Backflow Burner Cones

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This box contains 10 Lavender Back Flow incense cones. The cone tip will typically burn for 3-5 minutes before the back flow effect starts. The Lavender Backflow cones eminates a beautiful smoke like waterfall effect that is not only appealing but also creates a calming effect.The lavender cones are designed to be used with bacflow burners.
Benefits of Lavender: 1. Alleviates Anxiety, mental tension and stress. 2. Has cleansing, Balancing and purification properties. 3. Prepares you for a peacful sleep 4. Creates a harmonious environment
Hold the tip of the cone over a flame. Wait until the tip burns evenly. Blow the flame out and place the cone over the backflow burner.
Keep out of reach of children and pets. Make sure ashes fall on fire retardant surfaces. Not for human consumption

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