Oval-Shaped Pink Himalayan Crystal Salt Lamp (2-3 kg)
Oval-Shaped Pink Himalayan Crystal Salt Lamp (2-3 kg)
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Oval-Shaped Pink Himalayan Crystal Salt Lamp (2-3 kg)

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Turn off the ceiling lights and turn on the zen with our Himalayan Salt Lamp! Complete with a wooden base, light bulb and a light bulb holder. A Salt Lamp is a wonderful addition to any indoor space, and help to create a comforting and soothing ambience. Himalayan Crystal Salt Lamps emit negative ions (due to the heat on the salt) which have been found to have numerous benefits
Height: approximately 15 cm - may vary as it is a natural product
This salt lamp generates negative ions which is a huge step towards a cleaner indoor environment. A Himalayan Salt lamp has 84 traceable mineral elements. They are known to reduce stress and sinus problems, relieves migraine headaches, reduces asthma attacks. Boosts serotonin levels in the bloodstream. It helps with skin burn recovery, improves sleep while enhancing the immune system. In the office or study it increases work productivity and concentration and energizing your mind, body and soul.
Instructions for care and use are included

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