White Sage Backflow Burner Cones
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White Sage Backflow Burner Cones

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This box contains 10 white sage backflow insence cones. The cone will typically burn for 3-5 minutes before the backflow effect starts. These white sage cones are great for warding off negative energies. These cones have incredible cleansing properties to aid in changing energies and promoting healing, clarity and positive energies. The white sage cones are designed to be used ideally with a backflow burner to create the waterfall like effect while attaining a relaxing and aesthetic effect.
Hold the tip of the cone over a flame. Wait until the tip burns evenly. Blow the flame out and place the cone over the backflow burner.
Keep out of reach of children and pets. Make sure ashes fall on fire retardant surfaces. Not for human consumption

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